Taking Flight: Moving to New Heights

Dear Colleagues,

It is a privilege to serve as FASFAA President and I am looking forward to the year ahead. FASFAA has provided me with opportunities and experiences that have enriched my career in financial aid as well as my personal life; this organization has truly made a difference for me.

As we gear up for 2013-14, we must consider the ever-changing and challenging environment in which today's college students find themselves. I have used this as my inspiration while setting goals for the association, and I ask that you join me in being a champion for our students, our profession, and FASFAA.

We will be champions for our profession by offering leadership training, including our New Aid Officer Workshop, Clock hour workshop, Graduate & Professional Symposium, Regional Workshops, and of course our annual conference with pre-conference workshops. 

We will be champions for our institutions and students by continuing to develop and offer training and tools designed with each member and every school in mind, while encouraging participation on several levels.

If you are involved within the Association, I say "Thank you!" If you are considering becoming a member of FASFAA and getting involved, I say "Welcome aboard! Our students need you. Our profession needs you. Our Association needs you." Now is the time to join a committee, present at a conference or workshop, or offer your campus as a site for an upcoming meeting. Together, as champions for FASFAA, we will continue to make a difference.

FASFAA 2014 Theme

In trying to determine a theme for this year I spent a good deal of time over the past few months thinking hard.  It wasn’t until next year’s conference chair Lee Ann Wolfenden brought in a “On this Date in History” book that it hit us.

On 01/01/1914 a man names Tony Janus took off from St. Petersburg Florida, just a couple hundred yards from the site of next year’s conference, and flew to Tampa.   Now that doesn’t sound too impressive, however here are a couple points to keep in mind.  In 1914 it took 8 hours to get from St. Petersburg to Tampa as there was yet to be any bridges across the bay, and two it was the first time in history that a plane trip was taken as a commercial venture.  That 20 minute flight was the first commercial airline flight and spawned the world’s first commercial airline.

As I stated being only a couple hundred yards from our conference site this seemed like a good starting point.  So I came up with the theme of “Taking Flight: Moving to New Heights” as our choice for next year. 

Those that know me wouldn’t be surprised when I say that I am a big proponent of keeping things simple and using technology to work smarter and not harder.  It is my hope that over the next year we all can work to share, train, and exhibit ways in which we can all benefit from technology and innovation to take us to new heights and shorten that financial aid flight from 8 hours to 20 minutes.


Wayne D. Kruger

2013-2014 FASFAA President

2013-14 President's Message

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