President's Welcome

Dear Members,

I am honored to be able to serve as your president for the 2016/2017 year. I look forward to an exciting year as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

Our purpose at FASFAA is to support financial aid professionals, agencies and other associations related to student aid in Florida while maintaining strong ties and participation at the regional and national levels. FASFAA as one of the largest state associations will continue to serve as an example for others and continue to be a strong presence in higher education and more specifically, the financial aid arena.

As we celebrate our success, we must also reaffirm our commitment to those that we serve. Therefore, the theme I have chosen for the year is “FASFAA at 50, CELEBRATE OUR SUCCESS, REAFFIRM OUR COMMITMENT.” We will be celebrating our success of 50 years of helping students achieve their dreams. As we celebrate, we are making a commitment to work even more diligently to continue to support the achievement of each student’s educational goals.;

Please visit our website often. This website is the central place to keep us all connected. You will be able to stay current on all association activities, training opportunities and schedules, committee reports, as well as other updates throughout the year. I encourage you to participate and get involved. Complete the volunteer form as volunteers are needed throughout the year.;

There is a quote that is a favorite of a friend of mine and it has now become one of my favorites. I share it with you, hoping that it will also become one of your favorites and a guiding principle. Quoting Mother Theresa, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things”.

I look forward to a very productive and successful year and to having many of you participate in our Association's activities throughout the year. So, let’s celebrate our success and reaffirm our commitment. Remember, “together we can do great things”.


Joan Bailey

2016-2017 FASFAA President

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