The Florida Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (FASFAA) is a not-for-profit educational corporation comprised of over 700 financial aid professionals. These individuals represent all sectors of the financial aid community, including post-secondary institutions in Florida, lending institutions, state governmental agencies, loan servicing agencies, and other organizations that support financial aid administration.                                          




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  • 2019 Annual Conference Registration is OPEN!!!  May 21-24, 2019 in Bonita Springs, FL.  You can register for the Full Conference or we have a daily rate for those offices that would like to send a portion of their team at a time.  Also, be sure to check out the Pre-Conference sessions offering NASFAA Credentialing.  Don't forget to put in your hotel reservation as soon as possible!  We can't wait to see you at the Conference to share our Roadmap to Success!
  • Check out the Training and Workshops Page!
  • Be sure to review the "Events Calendar" (click on "Current and Upcoming Events" in the top right corner) for access to the upcoming Region Workshops and the Annual Conference Registration forms
  • In 2018-19, FASFAA was pleased to present our inaugural Webinar seriesArchived copies of past webinars may be found here. You must be a member to access the recordings or to register for future webinars!  The 2019-20 webinar schedule will be announced soon!


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Proposed Bylaw Amendments


As part of a regular review of FASFAA Policies and Procedures, a committee was named by President Alexander to examine the current FASFAA Bylaws.  A thorough review was completed and the results were shared with the Executive Board.  The FASFAA Executive Board is unanimously recommending the following bylaw amendments to the membership.  In keeping with the terms of the bylaws, a majority of those voting must approve each amendment for it to be in effect.  Membership will receive an email providing 30 day notice as required of any bylaw change.  For the ease of members, the amendments are divided into sections below representing similar changes. 

The current association bylaws may be found here.  A complete red-lined version of the proposal bylaws may be found here.  Finally, a clean copy of the newly proposed bylaws may be located here

In the proposed amendments below, inserted text will be indicated by underlined font, deleted text will be indicated by strikethrough, and notes for consideration will be marked with bold font.



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