2020-2021 Policy & Procedure Appendix Task Force

Term: November 2020 - March 2021

All work for this task force will be conducted virtually with the exception of a final meeting to be held during the annual conference if it held in person. The task force is expected to meet at a minimum of once per month until the project is complete.


This group is responsible for reviewing and updating the FASFAA Policy & Procedure manual appendix. Updating the appendix will require researching and cross checking the current P&P manual in addition to reviewing the information contained on the FASFAA website. Removing/updating references to paper based processes, which have been since replaced with electronic processes, etc.

Ex: The bylaws are its own document on the FASFAA website in the Policy and Procedures section. It is also located in the appendix. It can be removed from the appendix.

Task Force Member Responsibilities

  • Attend all task force meetings and participate in the discussion activities
  • Complete all assigned tasks by deadlines designated by the task force

Task Force Members

  • Daniel Barkowitz, Chair, FASFAA Immediate Past President, Valencia College
  • Jessica Ly, FASFAA Region V Representative, Florida International University