Volunteer Opportunities

FASFAA is a volunteer professional organization, and as such, depends on the talents, experience and energy of its members to achieve its goals and initiatives.  Volunteering to serve on a FASFAA committee benefits your colleagues, students and parents, as well as providing an opportunity for personal and professional development.  FASFAA encourages your participation and welcomes your involvement.  You must be a current member of FASFAA to serve on a committee.

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If you have further questions regarding the activities of a specific committee, please feel free to e-mail the appropriate contact listed on the Executive Board.


Ambassador Committee:

The main function and goal of this committee is to welcome all new FASFAA members at all FASFAA events including Regional Workshops, New Aid Officer Training and the annual Spring Conference.  Some functions of the committee members during the conference include planning the new member reception, staffing the new member welcome table and greeting new members. At the workshops the committee members would welcome new members, talk about FASFAA and explain how to get involved within the association. 

Conference Committee:

The main function and goal of this committee is to plan and coordinate all training, professional development and networking activities held in conjunction with the association’s annual conference.  The committee will be relying on FASFAA members to volunteer to assist in the planning stages and on-site to ensure a successful conference.  We will send a “Call for Session Proposals” and be seeking volunteers to serve as presenters and moderators.  However, on-site assistance at the conference provides many opportunities to volunteer - local arrangements (i.e. setup, logistics, community service project, etc.) registration, electronic services support, presenters and moderators.    Consider volunteering, it’s a great opportunity to serve your association and an experience you will enjoy!


  1. Local Arrangements:  Logistics, Events, Community Service Project, etc.
  2. Registration
  3. Electronic Services Support
  4. Presenters/Moderators

Global Issues:

The purpose of the Global Issues Committee is to maintain a line of communication between current or upcoming global issues and the Executive Board. In addition to increasing multicultural membership and participation, the Committee will also be responsible for establishing synergistic interaction among members, informing the general membership of the concerns and issues related to multiple aspects of our financial aid profession. This committee will also be responsible for all FASFAA outreach efforts, including College Goal Sunday, while maintaining our commitment to spread awareness in the hopes of assisting students with college access and success. 

Early Awareness Outreach Committee:  

The Early Awareness Outreach Committee’s mission is to spread awareness in the hopes of assisting students with college access and success.  This committee will also be responsible for all FASFAA Outreach efforts, including College Goal Sunday.

Electronic Services Committee:

Maintain the FASFAA web site including but not limited to the development of New Membership and Renewal Forms, the posting of association events to the online calendar, creating and managing online event registration for regional workshops and conferences, monitor listserv and bulletin boards postings, and assist members with general web site inquiries.  Works closely with the Membership Chair, Treasurer and Bookkeeper to maintain the membership database for accuracy.  Assists with onsite registration and provides services for association equipment delivery and set-up during conference.   

Federal Legislative Issues Committee:  

This committee monitors and keeps the membership informed of the status of all federal financial aid programs, including funding and proposed legislative and regulatory changes.  They also encourage and influence the membership to respond to regulatory and legislative initiatives through communication with legislators. 

Membership Committee:

Description: Maintain the FASFAA membership database for accuracy, completion and resolve duplicate records.  Assign new and renewed members to the appropriate groups/regions.  Process memberships paid online (PayPal).  Print and mail membership certificates as requested.  Respond to questions from the membership regarding membership status, username and passwords & other general inquiries. 

Newsletter Committee:

Description: Committee members will reach out to the association membership, encouraging participation in the association newsletter through article and information submission.  Members of the committee may be involved in review and editing of newsletter submissions.  Committee members can expect to spend approximately ten hours per quarter with their involvement.

Scholarship Committee:

This committee is responsible for fundraising efforts for the Bonnie L. Pirkle Memorial Scholarship.   

Volunteer Services Committee:

The Volunteer Services Committee is responsible for the facilitation of volunteer recruitment.  Responsibilities include: organizing data, maintaining volunteer job bank and volunteer recruitment. Committee members will encourage and promote volunteerism.

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