Region 1 - Panhandle of Florida

Dear Region I,

What a privilege it is to serve as your Representative for 2014-2015.  I want to thank those who voted. I appreciate your willingness to support me, a virtual unknown in the financial aid community.

You should know - I take this position with great expectations for myself and all of my Region 1, colleagues.  A truly successful program is only possible with the support of dedicated professionals who are willing to be involved in the process. I trust we are those professionals.

My journey with financial aid began 13 years ago when I became a member of the Florida State University staff family.  I am a “Nole” – Seminole, that is, receiving the majority of my higher education from this fine institution.  Can you feel the bias?  But no worries, I’m a strong supporter of all of Florida’s institutions of higher learning.

Training has been the cornerstone of this position, well of FASFAA for that matter, as it should be, and I want to continue the tradition of providing information that is relevant to the needs of financial aid administrators therefore; with your help, we can insure training needs are met and exceed set goals.

One last thing and this is important to me, I believe in recognition for work done on behalf of the Region.  There are a plethora of issues and projects you can become associated with.  Should you decide to take on a task, I want to be sure you are recognized for your efforts, so please, let me know your thoughts.  Tell me where you feel you can make a difference.  Volunteer for a committee, be a Chair and let your light shine so we all can see.

I look forward to the years ahead and with you by my side, everything is possible. 


Sedra Butler
Region I Representative
Florida State University


What's new in Region 1?

Registration for the Spring Workshop is available by clicking here!

Region 1, Spring Workshop
Pensacola State College
Pensacola, FL  32504
February 27, 2015
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM CST
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Sedra Butler

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