2020-2021 FASFAA Executive Board (as of July 1, 2020)


20-21 Elected Officers


President - Dameion Lovett


President Elect & Nominations - Katie Conrad


Immediate Past President & Fiscal Concerns Chair - Daniel Barkowitz


Vice President of Training - Sedrick Brinson


Secretary - Jenny Cun


Treasurer - Eileen Brzozowski


Treasurer Elect - Kylie Gross


Region I Representative - Shana Gore


Region II Representative - Chas Hammond


Region III Representative - Abigail Troche


Region IV Representative - Kimberly Gloster


Region V Representative - Jessica Ly



20-21 Members at Large


Conference Chair - Joan Bailey


Federal and State Legislative Chair - Wayne Kruger


Global Issues - Nadine Bailey



Vendor/Sponsorship Coordinator - Laura Dickerson


Site Selection / Event Coordinator - Irma Molinares


Electronic Services - Jerry McMahon


Early Awareness/Outreach/Financial Literacy Chair - Kimberly Lent


Membership Chair/Volunteer Coordinator - Suzanne Evans


Scholarship/Charity Chair - Merrian King


Grad/Professional Chair - Brenda Noblitt


Vocational/Technical/Clock Hour - Teriann Wright


OSFA Liaison/Newsletter - Louanne Standley

Lou Anne Standley pic


FASFAA Support


Bookkeeper - Gwyn Francis