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Legislation We’re Watching:

Senate Bill 86 (The Florida Senate): Requiring that eligibility for state financial aid awards and tuition assistance grants be reevaluated each term and identify students’ program of study; revising the formula for calculating how Florida Public Student Assistance Grant Program funds are distributed; authorizing a Bright Futures Scholarship recipient to apply the unused portion of a Florida Academic Scholars award or Florida Medallion Scholars award toward graduate study for a specified academic year; establishing the Florida Bright Opportunities Grant Program; establishing the Florida Endeavor Scholarship Program, etc.

House Bill 1261 (Florida House of Representatives): Requires state university to waive tuition & fees for certain courses in which certain resident students are enrolled; provides specified criteria for such waiver; provides applicability; prohibits reporting of tuition & fees waived for state funding purposes; requires state university to report certain information regarding such waiver to BOG annually; provides state university is ineligible for specified performance-based incentive for failure to comply; requires BOG to adopt regulations.

Senate Bill 202 (The Florida Senate): Standard High School Diploma Award Requirements, which in part “require[s] certain students to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid in order to be awarded a standard high school diploma”.

Senate Bill 300 (The Florida Senate): Student Eligibility Requirements for State Financial Aid Awards and Tuition Assistance Grants, which “amend[s] s. 1009.40, F.S. [by] providing that, for purposes of receiving state financial aid awards, a student may not be denied classification as a resident based on his or her immigration status if certain criteria are met”.

House Bill 1273 (Florida House of Representatives): Out-of-state Fee Waiver for Nonresident Students

Requires state university to waive out-of-state fee for nonresident student who meets certain requirements; provides applicability; requires each state university to report specified information regarding such out-of-state fee waiver to BOG annually; requires that student who is granted such waiver be excluded from limitation on systemwide total enrollment of nonresident students; requires BOG to adopt regulations.

Senate Bill 1956 (The Florida Senate): Postsecondary Out-of-State Fee Waivers

Postsecondary Out-of-state Fee Waivers; Deleting a provision requiring a state university, a Florida College System institution, a career center operated by a school district, or a charter technical career center to waive out-of-state fees for students, including undocumented students, who meet specified conditions; deleting a provision requiring such students to be considered nonresident students for purposes of calculating the systemwide total enrollment of nonresident students as limited by regulation of the Board of Governors, etc.


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Review NASFAA’s State Advocacy Toolkit which provides resources and materials to support state-level advocacy for regions, states, institutions, and individuals interested in becoming more engaged in state-level student aid policy. The toolkit features detailed steps, materials, and tips to assist NASFAA members in developing and implementing an advocacy strategy and communicating with their state legislators.