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State of Florida Legislative Tracker

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Local Legislation We’re Watching:

Florida Senate Bill 62: Providing that an individual who has been incarcerated or released from incarceration within a specified 12-month period may use expired documentation to establish residency for tuition purposes; providing that the legal residence of an individual before incarceration is prima facie evidence of the individual's legal residence, etc.

Florida Senate Bill 494: Requiring an institution of higher education to waive certain examination requirements for a servicemember who applies for admission to a graduate program that requires such examination, etc.

Florida Senate Bill 622: Deleting a requirement that certain postsecondary students complete an entry-level examination; deleting a requirement that the State Board of Education designate examinations to assess student mastery of basic skills; deleting a requirement that students who lack the required basic skills be referred to specified instruction or education, etc.

Florida Senate Bill 634: Providing an additional method for a student to prove residency for tuition purposes, etc.

Florida House Bill 25Revises student eligibility criteria for specified awards within Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program.

NASFAA’s Federal Legislative Tracker

This tracker provides FAAs with a comprehensive look at Federal legislation; broken down by issue area to allow members the ability to find legislation on topics or federal programs most important to them and their institution.

Review NASFAA’s State Advocacy Toolkit which provides resources and materials to support state-level advocacy for regions, states, institutions, and individuals interested in becoming more engaged in state-level student aid policy. The toolkit features detailed steps, materials, and tips to assist NASFAA members in developing and implementing an advocacy strategy and communicating with their state legislators.