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FASFAA Training Events Time(s)

Federal Student loan Forgiveness Webinar

10:00am (EST)

September 19th

FCAN Guidance Counselor Workshops

9:00am-11:00 (EST)

September 20th,23rd

FSAG Webinar


October 19th

FCAN FAFSA Walkthrough
(for Students)


October 19th

In keeping with our bylaws, we offer the following statement about these webinars:

Members of the Association recognize that one of the purposes of the Association is to provide training and informational services to its members through training conferences and periodic written material. While the Association shall utilize its best efforts to provide its members with the most current information available, there can be no assurances or warranty that its interpretation of any rule, regulation or statue will be in conformance with any present or future interpretation of such rule, regulation or statute by any appropriate governmental authority. Accordingly, each member shall hold the Association harmless from any claims, damages, or liability resulting from such member’s use of any information, data, or interpretations as provided to such members by the Association.