Region 2 - The Crown of Florida


Greetings Region II, 

My name is Alisha Hunt, and I am delighted to serve as your Region II Representative for next two years. I’m thrilled to see what we can accomplish together to make our region even greater.

I have been working in the Financial Aid arena for one year, but I am ready to jump in and do what needs to be done to meet the mission of FASFA; developing and maintaining professional standards of financial aid administration, promoting cooperation and communication among its members, and promoting and endorsing student financial aid programs that are consistent with good professional practice. I cannot do this alone, but us a region, we can definitely meet and exceed this mission. My challenge to the region, for this year, is for us to put our heads together and come up with great ideas to be the most amazing region that we can be. 

As your representative, I am here for you! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any ideas or need support or assistance in any area of Financial Aid. Additionally, if you are interested in teaching classes at the upcoming workshops, please reach out to me. 

For anyone looking to get more involved in the Region and/or with FASFAA in general, be sure to fill out the Volunteer Form. We’re always looking to extend our FASFAA family to those who are willing to serve this great organization. 


Alisha Hunt
Santa Fe College

[email protected]