FASFAA Listservs

To subscribe (or unsubscribe) to any of the listservs:

  1. Login to the FASFAA website
  2. Then under "Member Services" click on "My Profile"
  3. Then click on "My Features", and select "E-Lists"
  4. Once you are in the "E-Lists" screen, you will be able to select any listserv based on your profile. Make sure the checkbox is selected. Type your current email address.
  5. Finally, save your changes.

Active Listservs 

FASFAA Members- [email protected]

Financial Aid Director- [email protected]

Clock Hour- [email protected]

Graduate and Professional- [email protected]

 Be sure you are in the correct region before subscribing to a region listserv.

Region I     [email protected]

Region II    [email protected]

Region III   [email protected]

Region IV   [email protected]

Region V    [email protected] 

Policy For Use of FASFAA Listserv

The primary purpose of the FASFAA Listserv is to disseminate information of the Executive Board and committee chairpersons to the general membership. Ongoing maintenance of the listserv is limited as it is provided by a member of the association appointed by the President. The Executive Board should establish guidelines to ensure the quality, quantity, and content of information disseminated through the listserv compliments the mission of the association.

As the purpose of the listserv is to be used as an internal communication tool for the association, it's use for other purposes may be deemed appropriate at the discretion of the President.

For more information about FASFAA(s) Policy and its use click here.

Approved by FASFAA Executive Board

October 1999