2021-22 Leadership Program (LEAP) Committee

FASFAA would like to recognize and thank the volunteers who served on the 2021-22 LEAP Program Committee this year! 


Kamia Mwango | Coordinator | Santa Fe College

Traci Spagnoli-Rego| Member | Palm Beach State College
Sanya Checo | Member | Florida International University
Tina Stetson | Member | South Florida State College
Joanne Rozborski | Member | Pensacola State College
Graciela Lacombe | Member | Florida International University
Jonathan Reynolds | Member | Ultimate Medical Academy
Eroica Davis | Member | Florida Institute of Technology
Nadine Bailey | Member | Ultimate Medical Academy
Isamari Medina Montes | Member | Lake Sumter State Collège
Jennifer Bennett | Member | University of Florida
Brenda Ilojiole | Member | Valencia College
Adelfa Ukenye | Member | Florida International University

LEAP Program

LEAP Participants