Global Issues


The Global Issues Committee aims to promote inclusivity within its membership, ensuring that it reflects the diverse demographic of the student population it serves. Beyond increasing diversity and participation, the Committee is committed to fostering thoughtful conversations around inclusivity, educating the general membership about the concerns and issues of diverse members, and ensuring that diverse perspectives are represented in various FASFAA committees and offices.

FASFAA Diversity Statement

We acknowledge the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals and are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is inclusive and respects diversity. We will continue to do our utmost to be an organization that is represented by individuals from a variety of ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.

As part of our continuing mission to be an all-inclusive association, FASFAA is committed to providing a diverse program to our membership. We will also be posting selected books and providing webinars and conference sessions devoted to the topic.

Global Issues Calendars:

Contact the Global Issues Chair using the membership directory for more information or to submit members or schools to feature on this page. Join the Global Issues Committee by submitting a Volunteer Form.